Thank you to all who helped with Apple Dumplings in 2006!!

~ Marsha Kritsch for heading up the project

~ Doris Girton for financial help during the project

~ the 40 different people who gathered for 2 afternoons to make 2300+ dumplings!

~ Mrs. Wick’s for storing the dumplings and working with us on this project

~ the 35 different people who helped staff the booth and ran dumplings back and forth during Mardi Gras

~ the 10 different ladies who baked dumplings and made caramel and cinnamon sauce during the Mardi Gras

~ the 12+ different people who helped make deliveries at lunch

~ to all who let us use their ice chests, crocks pots, and wagons for the week

~ to all who bought the 1197 baked dumplings during Mardi Gras

~to all who bought 350 barbequed sandwiches during the Mardi Gras

~ to all who bought the 1105 frozen dumplings

~ to all who helped spread the word about the dumplings and took orders

~and to all who made this event a success!

Over $3000 in profit was made from this project and will go towards mission projects local and overseas.

Pam Ferguson 31 Oct 2006


This is the Saturday afternoon assembly line for dumplings.  In two hours, 35 people make about 1,000 dumplings.  Dough is from Wick's pie shop, apples are bought prepared and frozen, we add butter and a flour-sugar-spice mix for each center of the dumpling.

The afternoon provides fellowship for everyone as well as wonderful times of fellowship.  This year was probably the last year that Maxine Kritsch was physically able to participate in making dumplings. On the Wednesday of Mardi Gras, women gather in the afternoon in the basement to bake dumplings for sale in the booth downtown.  The women also make cinnamon sauce and caramel sauce for the dumplings.  Here Bettye Monks is dishing up sauce for take out orders. 

Gertie Cox, Delilah Wilkinson, and Marcella McHolland making cinnamon and caramel sauce. Marcella and Delilah placing baked dumplings into boxes to be transported to the booth for sale that evening.  Each box has a red label thanking people for helping with the project, telling which missions projects the profit will support and letting people know that frozen dumplings are available for bulk purchase.

This is a perfect baked dumpling. For some reason (which we've not been able to identify) some dumpling's dough cracks during baking, but it does not affect the taste....just the appearance!

This is the rented booth downtown.  Usually 2-3 Winchester Friends work in the booth at one time, with 2 Friends who walk the block between the booth and the church to deliver dumplings, sauce, barbequed meat, buns and ice. Here in the booth is Robbie Skiver, Jenny Baldwin, Jennifer Suarez and Sherry Deal.

We've not had to raise our price for apple dumplings and sandwiches in 9 years although the cost of products increases a small amount each year.  Usually our booth is known for having very good food for the best value.....


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