Inclement Weather Service Cancellations
January 2008

The storm that prompted forecasts of a foot of snow in east-central Indiana (but actually brought only 3-4 inches) on the weekend of December 16 led many area churches on Saturday to announce Sunday service cancellations.  Winchester Friends leaders held off deciding until early Sunday morning.  After seeing that the predicted heavy snow failed to materialize and that highway crews had the main roads acceptably cleared, we went ahead with services for those who could get out.  Over 50 attended morning worship, and over 100 came to the Christmas Program that evening.  That weekend's numerous phone inquiries and uncertainty led to preparation of the following proposed protocol regarding weather-related service cancellations, offered for approval by Monthly Meeting:
1)  Anytime a Level Three (emergency travel only) Travel Emergency is in effect in Randolph County, services automatically will be canceled.
2)  In cases of lower-level travel restrictions, the decision to cancel services will be made (usually via phone consultation) by the Monthly Meeting Clerk, the M&O clerk, the pastors, and other available clerks or Meeting officers who can be polled.  They will try to make their decision early enough to prevent unnecessary travel, but late enough to allow an accurate assessment of what actual weather and road conditions will be at the time of the planned services.
3)  Anytime the decision has been made to cancel services, Friends will be notified by a combination of email, phone calls, and announcement on local radio stations (Winchester's 98.3 WZZY and Indiana Public Radio).  If you have not been notified of service changes by email, phone, or radio announcement, you may assume that services will be held as usual.  If in doubt, Friends are welcome to phone the church or parsonage for the latest information.
4)  If services are held during inclement weather, every reasonable effort will be made to have the meetinghouse entryways, sidewalks, and parking lot in usable shape.  The Meeting's leaders assume that Friends will attend if possible, but that individuals will exercise good judgment as to whether they can safely travel to the church, and that they will exercise due caution while walking to and from the building.  Those who are not confident of their footing and balance are encouraged to remain safe at home, praying with and for those who are gathering for worship.