Report on  work of Bell Tower and Chimneys July 2010


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Workers:        Jeremy Davidson from Alexandria  

                        Steve Roberts from Centerville      

                        Jamie Cox (Gertie Cox’s grandson)

                        Dean Demuyt (Field Supervisor) from Winchester


   On July 6, 2010 work began on the bell tower and the 2 chimneys on the meetinghouse.  Jeremy Davidson from Alexandria spent 4 days grinding mortar from the bricks on the bell tower (this includes the complete turret at the top and the east, west, and south sides of the bell tower from the top of the tower to the first white metal band and then he replaced the mortar.  He felt the tower was in fairly good shape for being 112 years old.  He ran into no problems.







   On July 19, 2010 work began on the chimney in the original meetinghouse.  An 8 inch poured cement cap was removed.  There was no flue in the chimney, just this open cap on top. The poured cement cap was defective and allowed water into the inside of the chimney.  The mortar on this chimney was almost gone.  Since there were no flues in this chimney, water came into the chimney, freezing and pushing out the mortar. Some bricks lining the inside of the chimney were completely loose and were removed.  Mortar was replaced on the outside of the chimney, 2 flues placed in the chimney, and a new cap poured on top.  They placed two metal caps on top of the flues and they felt this would stop all water from entering into the chimney from this point on.  This chimney was only lowered by about 8 inches (the height of the cap).




   The chimney is old and will probably have to be replaced at one point.  In years to come, it will be important to keep an eye on the bottom of the chimney in the old church’s boiler room for signs of broken bricks that have fallen in.






   The chimney on annex (built in 1970) was repaired.  The cap on top was in working order.  The chimney had two flues, on working, one extra.  The extra cap may have been allowing water into the inside of the chimney. The cap was replaced (cap was in good shape), and all bricks not flush with the chimney were removed in addition to 50 bricks replaced where the faces had popped off. .    This chimney was lowered in addition to pouring a new cap.  The bid was for 50 bricks.  As they finished up removing and replacing 50 bricks, they discovered probably an additional 30-40 bricks that had problems and should be replace at some point.  It was decided to replace those also, adding some time and money to the original quote.


   Air conditioner units removed from church office and Pastor’s study, brick on the outside replaced and cinder block on the inside replaced.  The air conditioners are now in the garage.




   On July 12, Randy Able and Dave Moore came from Mangus Construction with preordered replacement windows for the house.  They replaced 7 windows: 5 upstairs in the two east bedrooms and the east end of the hall.  They replaced the kitchen window over the sink and the window right over the heat pump in the downstairs bedroom, west side.   The wood casings were in good shape with the exception of the south east and south window upstairs.  The south window was the worst with a soft spot.  They did not feel the wood needed to be replaced, but is was wrapped with aluminum siding on the outside to protect it from further damage.


   All windows came with foam insulation, Mangus added more insulation to all the windows between the frame and the window in the upstairs.  The downstairs windows had no insulation between the window and the frame. 


Two of the better windows were kept and are in the garage.




   Bill Emrick and his son, and another helper painted the trim of the meetinghouse from top to bottom, including stained glass window frames and touched up spots on the parsonage from July 6-17, 2010.





CULY Contruction and Drain cleaning


More later