Epiphany Sunday

January 8, 2017

 9:15 AM

The Time for Turning

To everything a season, to everything a time; A moment to move forward and leave the past behind.  As summer turns to autumn and bids farewell to spring, There comes a time for turning to every living thing.

The breezes change direction, the geese turn homeward bound; The leaf turns from its clinging and falls upon the ground.  The flower turns from blooming to slumber in the snow, And so to all a season, a time for letting go.

Now is the time for turning, and this the place to start; For yielding to the yearning, for changing of the heart.  A moment to surrender the things we should release; Forgive and find forgiveness, and in forgiveness, peace.

--traditional Irish melody, arr. C.Courtney, lyrics by P.Martin   CCLI 649965

Meeting for Worship
Prelude   Mary Clark, Judy Kendall
Welcome, Introductions, Announcements   Pam Ferguson
Call to Worship    
Hymn #66  To God Be the Glory Brian Lilly
Choir The Time for Turning Brian Lilly, Mary Clark
Hymn #381 Open My Eyes, That I May See Brian Lilly


Offertory Prayer   Pam Ferguson
Offertory   Mary Clark

Today is Stewardship Emphasis Sunday, as designated by the Stewardship & Finance Committee each Monthly Meeting Sunday.  Please study last month’s treasurer’s report and prayerfully consider your part in the ministries to which God has called our church.

Junior Church for kids age 5 to 5th grade

Hymn #285 In Christ There Is No East or West Brian Lilly
     Unprogrammed Worship -- 17th century Friends taught that “Jesus has come to teach His people Himself,” and they made that truth the centerpiece of their lives by spending significant periods of time, individually and in gatherings for worship, to listen to their Inward Teacher and obey what they heard.  If God leads you to speak out of the silence, please request a microphone so all can hear your ministry.                     
Message Matthew 2:1-12; Galatians 2:11-16 Ron Ferguson
Testimonies of Praise, Concerns for Prayer    
Closing Prayer    
Postlude   Judy Kendall

following a brief time of fellowship, please join us today for


Sunday School                 10:30 AM

There is a class waiting to welcome you each Sunday for study of the Scriptures!


Monthly Meeting for Business                 11:20 AM

Please stay today to hear reports on the church’s ministries, and to help with any resource decisions that need to be made.


Informal Potluck Lunch                 Approx. 12:30 PM

Everyone is welcome to enjoy lunch together in the dining hall downstairs right after the Business Meeting.

January 9-15

Genesis 27-50


JANUARY USHERS:  Dave Longnecker, Ben Kritsch, John Edwards

JANUARY GREETERS:  Tanya &Tim Hart, Shirley & Mark Ertel

2016 Christmas Cantata Program
Doug Baker's Community Thanksgiving Message
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