July 15, 2007

Call to Worship


Cleo McFarland

(Photo taken in Feb. 2007 at the Welcome Class Valentine's Dinner at Friends Fellowship)

Memories; God's Blessings

God gave us a brain, although some might question that for some of us.  But never the less, our brain is like a computer with unlimited memories, and the ability to think about all the knowledge and information in our world.  What is stored up there is amazing.

Who can remember dinner two weeks ago Monday?  Probably not many of us because that's really insignificant. Take Ron's sermon last Sunday, not so insignificant, but who can remember what he talked about (the Beatitudes). Even though we might not remember exactly what he said, the message is still our minds.

God blesses us with many gifts everyday. Too many to count or mention. We should think about how we can "remember" to thank God for his many, many blessings, and for watching over us.

Another memory that many of us will have is Dr. Chopra. One of our community's fine doctors who passed away last week. And I would like to mention we will also miss Drs. Brandon and Pam Connerly who are going to be leaving our community later this fall moving south.

This is a prayer that Dr. Chopra wrote sometime back:
"God -- I am not saying that my life is difficult. We all have problems, and you solve them. All I ask for is strength and good intellect so that I am able to solve, not only my problems, but help others solve theirs too. I not only try to improve myself but help others become better persons, so that life is joyful for everyone. I need your blessings to endure the hardships smilingly. I do not ask that you relieve me of the responsibilities of life; all I ask is that I be given the ability to perform them to the fullest."                                       David DivaKar Chopra

Lord, you are our source of strength and knowledge. You bless us everyday with blessings untold. You help us rise to face the day, and you give us rest. In You we find comfort and peace. We invite you here today as we worship You together, Lord, for You are worthy. We love you and praise You in Jesus' name. Amen.

Cleo McFarland
July 15, 2007

July 1, 2007 Stewardship Moment

by Bill Sipe

(Photo of Bill and Linda Sipe taken during a Bread for the World meeting in 2005 when Bill wrote one of his first letters to a legislator in Washington DC)

This is my first day off Stewardship and Finance Committee. I'd like to thank Marcia, Ron, Pam and Diana for all their help with this committee. Thanks to all S & F Committee members who served with me.

The computer program has made it much easier to keep track of our finances and to print the information for everyone at monthly meeting each month. Thanks to all committees for their efforts to have a workable budget.

And I would like to thank all of you...

If you have:
Brought someone to church;
Invited someone to church;
Greeted someone at church;
Phoned someone for encouragement;
Visited a new member;
Visited someone unable to attend church;
Visited someone in the hospital;
Visited someone in a nursing home;

You sent a card;
Mowed the church's lawn;
Mowed someone else's lawn;
Shoveled snow off the church's sidewalk...
Or someone else's sidewalk or drive;
Cleaned snow off the parking lot;
Washed a car;
Donated to the food pantry;
Worked at a rummage sale;
Bought items at a rummage sale;

Maybe you:
Have served or are now serving on a committee;
Have been worship leader;
Given a devotion;
Taught a Sunday School class;
Taught Junior church;
Given a children's talk;
Worked in the church's office;

Maybe you have:
Performed in a play;
Given a message from the pulpit;
Led the singing;
Played the piano;
Played the organ;
Given an advent talk;
Given a special or Celebration of the Arts;
Sang in the choir;
Read your Bible through in a year or just read your Bible;
Participated in Pennies from Heaven or Shareholders of Shalom;
Read a book for the Book Discussion Group;
Prepared seeds for planting in the Compassion Garden;
Planted seeds;
Weeded the garden;
Bought produce;
Brought produce;
Helped prepare a meal;
Helped clean the church and grounds;
Worked on the church;
Unlock the church;
Locked the church;
Taken sound tapes to those unable to attend;
Run the sound system;
Taken up the offering;
Given to the offering;
Given a report;
Taken minutes at a meeting;
Hosted a meeting;
Clerked a meeting;
Driven youth to camp;
Went to camp;
Driven someone to an appointment;
Worked on the Website;
Attended Yearly Meeting;
Attended Quarterly Meeting;
Attended Monthly Meeting;
Written a letter to your Senator or Congressman;
Worked at the Mardi Gras;
Given a testimony;
Given condolences for a lost loved one;
Prayed earnestly for your fellowman;
Or maybe you just listened.

Stewardship is working for the betterment of our church, our community, our country and our world and to do our Lord's will.

Bill Sipe, Stewardship Moment
July 1, 2007

June 3, 2007 Call to Worship by Linda Sipe

(Photo of Linda Sipe from Valentine's Party in Feb. 2006)

Do you ever think about or plan what your dream house would look like?
Would it be a one-story ranch style house on half acre with a fenced in
yard for the kids? Or a two-story house with a full, finished basement in
the country? Would it have 3 or 4 bedrooms; two large bathrooms; a big
family room, a modern kitchen and a three-car garage? Maybe your dream
home would have a beautiful garden and a view overlooking a quiet lake or
the ocean.
But we all know it takes more than a house to make a home. The most
important characteristics of a home are the spiritual qualities and the
love between father, mother, and children.
I have been doubly blessed with loving parents who took me to church and
taught me Bible principles by words and actions. Then I was blessed with
a loving husband and children of my own. Psalms 127:3 says "Sons are a
heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him." And we know this is
true. So it stands to reason, then that grandchildren are an extra bonus,
the cherry on top, and the gravy!
I had part of my dream home last week -- I spent time with six of my
grandchildren. We played marbles, Stay Alive, watched Shrek the Third,
swam in the old swimming hole, visited a fort, the courthouse, the
library, 2 parks, and Wal-Mart. The biggest problem I had was when the Ken
doll married Claire’s Barbie doll one evening and then married Anne’s
Barbie doll the next morning! I had to put Ken in time out.
I love the hymn, "Count your blessing, name them one by one" -- my
parents, my husband, son, daughter, daughter-in-law, and Katie, Joel,
Benjamin, Anne, Claire, Nicholas, Jonathan, and Elizabeth.
I am so blessed !! -- I have my dream home.
Linda Sipe - June 3, 2007


Lindsey Garza  April 22, 2007

(Photo taken of Lindsey with her Grandmother, Marcella Bolinger McHolland at the Mother-Daughter Banquet in May 2007)

How many of you recycle on a daily basis?

               On April 22nd my grandpa would have been 84 yrs old.  One of my fondest and humorous memories of my grandpa was him and his relationship with the trash.  You would have had to know that when my grandma spotted something or some things that she did not need she would throw them away.  I'm pretty sure that she still does this habit to this day.  She would go out in the barn or garage look around see something that had been there awhile and throw it away.  Some days it wasn't just one thing.  I think she knew that the next day was trash day.  The next morning my dad and my grandpa would open the lid of the garbage can and see all those "lost treasure" and wondered how they got there, knowing my grandma was just having a thrill throwing that trash away.  By the time those two guy were done there wouldn't be any trash left to go down the lane.  My dad has learned quite quickly to hide his "lost treasures" from my mom and my grandma.  When I looked at my grandpa's rummaging through the trash, he was actually recycling.  When you think about the word recycle its followed by the reduce and reuse.  I started to realize that reduce, reuse, and recycle can be observed in our Christian life. 
      sometimes we have to reduce the amount of talking and asking we do to God and start listening for his presence and guidance.
       you have to reuse those lessons that he shows and tells us through the bible and by word of mouth, to others whether to friends, family or someone in need
         Recycling the love that God displays to us through loving and helping others
Thank you lord for giving us the ability to be stewards of the earth you created and guide us through you wisdom and love.  Amen!

May 28, 2007            Pam Ferguson



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