The Welcome Class had a party at the church on June 27, 2009.  Click here for photos of the evening........

The Norway Maple tree in the back yard of the parsonage has been dying for the past several years.  On June 24, 2009 it was taken down by Chuck Glenn.  He estimated the tree was a bit over 70 years old- planted during the time that Aaron Napier was pastor and he and his wife, Inez, lived in the parsonage.  It was sad to see this tree being taken from the back will be missed.

On June 26, 2009 Tim Hines and his friend, John Conner, came to help finish the fence on the property line and begin building a pergola to replace the tree for the next 25 years or so......  They will finish the pergola and a new platform for the door on Tuesday.

The flower pots from Lynnview Nursery arrived Monday evening, June 8, 2009.  Pots were placed at each of the meetinghouse entrances and in front of the parsonage.  More photos later.

After 111 years, the doors entering the sanctuary were refinished by Denny Bussy from Greenville, Ohio. Glass window panes were also placed in the newly refurbished doors.

Many thanks to Lynnview Nursery and Gary Girton for the beautiful flowers in front of the meetinghouse this year.

Tony Kritsch brought some of his wheat with a bouquet of sweet peas for worship. Compassion Garden July 5, 2008.  Thus far the garden produced a large bowl of cucumbers.

On April 30, 2008 Greg Huey Construction began putting on the new metal shingles on the sanctuary roof. This is progress at the end of Friday May 2, 2008.

May 2, 2008  



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