June 10, 2007

Presented by the Evening USFW

    65 Friends attended the Annual Father-Family Lunch.

Decorations by Nancy Bolinger, Lindsey and Lisa Garza.

Devotions for the Father-Family Lunch

by Val Pearson

Last year Rob took up the game of golf. Every Friday evening through the summer he would play golf with Ron. Pam and I would walk along and I would try to keep score. When he didnít hit a very good shot, Ron would say, "Hit another one." I found out this is a mulligan. For those who may not know, a mulligan is a free stroke given to a golfer when he hits a shot into the woods, water, sand or some other hazard. It is common for some golfers to use one or two mulligans in a round of 18 holes. A mulligan is a freebie.

Golfers around the world are forever grateful to Mr. Mulligan, whoever he may be, for coming up with this concept. I have no idea why the word mulligan came to be associated with a free stroke. More than likely there was a man named Mulligan who was forever shanking his drive into the woods, calling for a freebie and taking another shot. After some time his friends probably began to get tired of giving him the advantage, or else they were as bad as him and started taking mulligan for themselves.

The concept of getting a "do over" is nothing new. God created the first "mulligan" when He designed a plan for imperfect people to experience forgiveness. Sometimes when we make mistakes, people get hurt and lives are damaged. Think of all the lives that have been hurt, words that were spoken in anger and actions that were taken that cannot be undone. While some people can forget their mistakes and pretend they donít exist, mistakes take their toll. Even if people forget - and they seldom do - God has a much better memory. God is always doing what is right and correct. He is an impartial judge. The idea that God is looking over your shoulder and keeping score is enough to make some people cringe. But the Bible describes God differently. He is a God who loves and is full of forgiveness. He understands we are not capable of perfection. Accepting Jesus is like taking a mulligan, you get another chance.

Two Fridays ago I played golf for the first time. I am thankful for the mulligan.  Since writing this I have found out if you are a member of the McHolland family you donít take a mulligan.

Val Pearson starting the lunch with devotions.

Cleo McFarland, Barney and Winnie Thompson and Betty Locke.

Walter Mills

Linda Sipe

Joyce Passmore, Missy Smith and Susie Turner.

Missy Smith receives a hug from Leila Kritsch.

Gary Girton, Joyce Edwards, John Edwards and Bill Sipe enjoying the picnic lunch of sloppy joes, brats, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, veggies, chips and handmade ice cream sandwiches.