This page includes correspondence from former Friends of Winchester Friends who correspond with us and remember people and events from the past. 


Joan Anderson Gasper

January 2007

Dear Pam,

My brother, Byron Anderson, sends me your correspondence regarding Bud Bosworth.  First, let me say that I was so impressed with Ron and his message at the funeral and was so pleased to have a copy.  I’ve placed it with my books of genealogy records.  Bud and I were “kissin’ cousins”, and Irene was a cousin on mother’s side so we were doubly blessed.  My best friend since grade 5 at Willard School still lives in Winchester, so I visit Winchester once or twice each year for at least day or two. Visiting with Bud on these trips always added a big “Plus” to my trip.

Memories are a wonderful part of “growing old” as well as an integral part of “growing up”, and thanks to my parents, the Friends Church still holds a special place in my heart.  Since High School, I’ve been interested in genealogy and have an extensive record of family.  Bud, Byron and I are grandchildren of Gertrude Haisley Anderson.  The Haisley family settled as Quaker pioneers in 1820 in the New Garden Monthly Meeting House, and I believe this family was a part of the original group leaving England for Holland before coming to America settling in Pennsylvania.  I’m fortunate to have the calf yoke they had on their wagon as they migrated from North Carolina to just north of Richmond, Indiana. Another historic collection I hold dear is a 1966-67 cook book (probably purchased at one of the early holiday Bazaar’s the Women’s Society sponsored). – One of my favorite recipes is for “Elephant Stew”.  Those famous Waffle Suppers were a treat for the whole town, and I remember the women and their many waffle irons in the kitchen. I now belong to a Bible Study group composed of several varieties of church worship, and I am still proud of the heritage gained from my Friends Church attendance. 

Thank you so very much for preserving history and memories of the past.  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing for all religious groups to instill church memories so that future generations would have a better understanding of the past while instilling future positive attitudes?  The Bible you have should stay with the Church and I applaud and thank you for doing such wonderful work to promote historical interest.

Re: Walter Mills – I remember him quite well, and also remember mother insisting on “fine” drapes for your parsonage and going with her to help install them.  Please pass along to him my very best regards.  Thanks again.

Joan (Jo) Anderson Gasper


 Byron Anderson December 2007

 Pastors Ron & Pam Ferguson,    

 I looked up your web site for your address because I had promised myself I would send in a memorial for Bud before the end of the year. Bud was a cousin and we both grew up together in Winchester. Bud was raised on a farm near Winchester and as a young boy I looked forward to spending some time at my Aunt and Uncle "Tom's farm," who were Bud's parents. I was born in 1926 so Bud, about 8 years older was someone I really looked up to along with his twin sister and brother Tim. Bud and myself, along with my sister Joan have always stayed in close touch with Bud and we shall surely miss seeing him. 

About a year ago I asked Bud to take me down to the Friends church because I wanted to see the room where I must have started Sunday School. They were the elevated rooms on the southeast corner that over looked the room just left of the main sanctuary. At the time of my Sunday School I well remember that little room had one wall with a mural ( I presume,) of Jesus surrounded by children. I have thought about that picture many times because I realized he was and still is my Mentor. Sadly to me anyway the picture is no longer in place. From your web site you also show those two most beautiful windows on the north wall of the sanctuary. I left the Friends church and moved to the Methodist Church when I was about 12 because my Boy Scout troop was there.

My parents Verlin (Hap)& Mary Anderson were members of your church all their married lives.

 Another good memory is when Elton Trueblood came to speak at Winchester Friends, several times of course. I had the good fortune to spend almost an entire day with Elton Trueblood in Richmond shortly before he retired to Philadelphia. What a great scholar. I just gave my Grandson one of his books, "Lesson in Gratitude," and the Christmas before "The Religion of Abraham Lincoln" both books signed by Trueblood. This grandson is doing his Masters at Wheaton in religion.

I remember a man, probably older than my father who had a grocery store in Winchester, named Ed Best and had a son that was killed in WW 2, in 1943 or 1944. His son Johnny was in High School with me. I went into the service in early 1944. That was a big tragedy in the Friends Church in Winchester. When my parents told me of his death it had a great effect on me. I believe the Best family had a memorial (window) at the church for John.


 I had heard you both were good friends with Bud Bosworth and sorry I never met you. Maybe some day I can come to Winchester from West Lafayette, although I spend most of my time in Naples FL.

 Most Sincerely,

 Byron Anderson


Gene and Linda Cover

December 2007


Your note brought back some fond memories of Winchester: 

Back when we were kids, Dan Bailey (Dallas' Dad) used to play Santa Claus at church on the Sunday before Christmas.  Each kid would get a mesh stocking full of goodies: hard candy, nuts, a Red Delicious apple and a navel orange. You know the best part for me?  The fresh orange, which was really a luxury back in the 40's, kind of like getting a fresh Ruby Red grapefruit today. To get a fresh orange at Christmas was really a treat!  I can still feel the excitement and anticipation of that morning.  You could hear the sleigh bells jingle as Santa came toward the big meeting room.  You could hardly contain yourself!  That simple gift created a lasting memory, and was treasured.  I wonder if Jon Fisher or Johnny Engle remember that? 

Do you think we could write a sermon about the symbolism with His arrival,and the priceless gift He brings to us today? 

I've heard about your cinnamon rolls.  Wish we could be there.

Blessings and peace to you and your flock. 

Merry Christmas & our love to you and Ron,

Gene & Linda