We seek to display more faithful financial stewardship for ministry, both by helping Friends to contribute enough to actually meet the church's annual operating budget (without depending on investment income to cover shortfalls), and by encouraging increased giving for missions.

 Query -- In what ways has God spoken to you this year about new discipline and obedience in the stewardship of money, time, energy, skills, possessions, and life?  How have you participated in discussion of the Meeting's finances and its support of various ministries?


  A year ago with help from Ed Best Funds, Ben Richmond and Friends United Meeting Press were able to publish "Signs of Salvation". These are the photos from the March 19th meeting with Ben.

   Time was spent discussing why Ben wrote this book and why we as a faith community find this book useful.

From page 212:
"Robed in white, the community of the saved are all sinners who have been touched by Jesus and have come to a place of peace where the truth is spoken in love. Where such communities exist in this world, there is a sign of salvation."

Murray and Bev Schemmer with Ben Richmond. Val Pearson, Linda Sipe, Bill Sipe, Rob Pearson, and Jeff Crim discussing Signs of Salvation.
Bill and Linda Sipe, Rob and Val Pearson, Murray and Bev Schemmer, Ron and Pam Ferguson, and Jeff Crim, Pastor of White River Friends Meeting, met at the Parsonage at 5:30pm. A light supper was served and then the rest of the evening was spent discussing "Signs of Salvation" with the author, Ben Richmond.


Here, Bev Schemmer listens to Ben discussing the book.


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