May 8, 2007

The Annual Mother-Daughter Banquet was hosted and catered this year by the Afternoon USFW.

Nancy Bolinger and Lindsey Garza at the guest book.

This year's speaker was Marsha Donne Hayden, an ESR graduate who pastors in Eldorado, Ohio. Hayden read letters telling about a year at Earlham from 19- year old student, Martha Maddock, in 1864.

Marcella McHolland with granddaughter, Lindsey Garza.

Ellene Kritsch with her mother.

Winnie Thompson, Kate Jessup, Gertie Cox, and Karen Wilson.

Letha Cox with granddaughter, Alison Baldwin.

Norma Able, Lisa Garza, Deborah Holliday, Sydney Baldwin, and Chanler Deal.

95 Women enjoyed the meal catered by Bouser's Barn.

Dallas Heckley, Joyce Passmore and Susie Turner.

Kathy Snyder, Joyce Edwards, Winnie Thompson, Val Pearson, Dawn Bryson, and Edna Lea.

Virginia Densmore and Lisa Garza were awarded the Eliza Armstrong Cox USFW International Award for their work and leadership in the Winchester Friends USFW.