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Friendship Sunday September 14, 2008

"The whole fellowship of disciples without distinction of sex or of official position are called to be priests, and to each one may be given some work of ministry.  Our common worship must give opportunities for this......."                      T. Edmund Harvey, 1937


(adopted 2000, renewed 2003)

1)  We seek to identify and prepare adults for youth ministry, and to give more attention to providing interesting and effective activities for the youth of our Meeting and community.

2)  We seek to increase Friends' understanding of the importance of their individual ministries in the home and workplace, beyond the usual understanding of "church;" and we seek to provide resources for equipping Friends for those ministries.

3)  We seek to give better energy and commitment to nurturing deeper spiritual community and fellowship in our Meeting, beyond the usual Sunday worship gatherings, through the establishment of home Bible studies, home fellowship groups, and other small group activities that take place outside the church building.

4)  We seek to display more faithful financial stewardship for ministry, both by helping Friends to contribute enough to actually meet the church's annual operating budget (without depending on investment income to cover shortfalls), and by encouraging continued strong giving for missions.

5)  In all the ministries of our Meeting and its participants, we seek to teach and live in consistent agreement with the historic Friends testimonies of honesty and integrity, simplicity, equality of persons, and peace and nonviolence.

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