On Tuesday May 12, 2009 over 90 women gathered to enjoy a picnic meal together.  The evening was hosted by the Afternoon United Society of Friends Women. 

Norma Ludy at the guest table with her daughter and granddaughter. Mary Clark's 8th grade Allegro Choir from Driver Middle School sang after the meal.

Friends, Sydney and Chanler.... Julie Pickett Hall with her mother.

Friends, Elaine Babcock and Alice Cox. Joan Knoll with her daughter-in-law.

Anne Riddle, Nickey and Natasha Pelser. Marcella McHolland and Delilah Wilkinson serving drinks.

Georgia Thorpe and her daughter, Shirley Ertel. Jennifer Suarez, Chanler and Sherry Deal with a friend (on the far left.)

Caroline Houk with her daughter Mary on the left. Friends, Dianna McFarland and Mark Ketring.

The group of women listening to the Allegro Choir.