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                                    Earth Day Trees
                              MCC Meat Canning Trip 2008
                              MCC Meat Canning Trip Berne 2009
                                      Bags for Bags Project
                                      FOAM Bread for the World Lunch
                                     Peace is Possible Monthly Letters
                                     Missions Emphasis on Hunger
                         FUM Sunday: Katie Terrell's Message
                             Apple Dumpling Project
                             Mother-Daughter Banquet
                             Eliza Cox Armstrong Award
                             Rummage Sale
                             USFW Workdays
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  Shareholders In Shalom/Pennies From Heaven
  Peace and Christian Social Concern Queries

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                                    USFWI ADVOCATE Articles
                             Compassion Garden Presentation To Muncie Memorial
                                     Pam's Grandfather
  Monthly Meeting Minutes
  Winchester Friends History
                                    Winchester Friends Church Timeline
                             Anna Crumley-Effinger's Paper on Winchester Friends
                             Elkanah and Irena Beard
                            Winchester Friends Stained Glass
                                   Old Fashioned Church Dinner & Quaker Humanitarian Relief
                                    WFC's involvement in Heifer International
  Lives Not Forgotten
                            John Edward Best
                            Ed and Bashia Best
                            Louise Cox
                                   Bud Bosworth
                            Maxine Kritsch
                            Gertie Cox
                            Joe and RosaMary Zell
                            Dr. Charles Milligan
                            Uncle Abram Brown
  Easter Memorial Lilies 2009
  Friends Remember........
  Balcony Archives Open House
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