If you are interested in a copy of a photo, please use the link at the bottom of the page to request it.

Professor Phil Baisley from Earlham School of Religion led 20 Christian Education committee members, teachers, and nursery workers in a discussion about Christian Education in the church today. Click here for more photos......

Enoch and Nolan Hines showing off their completed puzzle for the first 5th Sunday Intergenerational Sunday School Class on January 31, 2010.  74 people stayed to enjoy the fellowship, snacks, lesson about the Bible, and activities.  Click here for more photos.......

On January 22, 2010 Joan Gasper (daughter of former Winchester members Hap and Mary Anderson) visited Winchester Friends with her daughter, Debbie Pehler and husband Jack (on left) and her son, Wayne Gasper (on right).  It was great to meet them and walk with them through the meetinghouse as they remembered previous visits, people and experiences at Winchester Friends. 

December 27, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls in the parlor for a time of fellowship for Christmas


December 27, 2009

Fellowship after worship (L to R) Ellen Craig, Jill Ash, and Suzanne Weber


Nov. 29, 2009 Advent Stories began at Winchester Friends. 

Above, Mary Clark shared her Advent Story on Nov. 29 of how Christ arrived in her life.  She placed a small wrapped gift on the Advent Tree representing the gifts God gives us and the blessing it is to use them to bless and make God's presence known in our world.


Dec. 6, 2009 Cierra Edwards shared her story about growing up at Winchester Friends, attending Quaker Haven and the influence of many who helped her discover a relationship with Christ. She also spoke about how her father's accident several years ago drew her to Christ for faith and strength during difficult uncertain days.  Her ornament was a post card from Indiana Wesleyan where she plans to attend college with flames (representing her father's accident) and a Quaker Haven logo.


Dec. 13, 2009  Joyce Girton Edwards and Ray Arnett shared their Advent Stories.  Joyce told about her parents witness in her life and the struggle she had when her father died when she was 18 years old.  Her story included several other times Christ made His presence and life vital to her peace and happiness.  Her tree ornament was a Peace sign.

Ray Arnett shared about becoming a Christian out of fear during a revival in the 1930's.  The fear returned a year later and he prayed again for God to come into his life and change his heart.  It was through a personal prayer in private that he found God's presence and peace in a real way.  After Ray married Anna Lou he started attending Winchester Friends.  He shared that it did not take long for him to know that he would remain a Quaker for the rest of his life.  Ray's ornament was a Quaker symbol.



Keith and Judy Kendall in front of the Advent Tree. 

Kendall's shared on Sunday morning, Dec. 20, 2009 about the Advent of Christ into their lives.  Judy told about growing up in a Friends pastor's home and knowing Christ at a very young age.  Before her last year in high school the family moved from a large town where she was very involved to a small Friends Academy in Ohio.  It was there she met Keith, who was there working as a part of his Alternative Service to the Military. Keith grew up on a farm with dedicated, Christian parents who made sure he was in church at every opportunity.  Both Keith and Judy talked about revival services playing a part in a rededication of their lives.  Since Judy grew up in a pastor's home, she wasn't very interested in marrying a pastor.  When they got married Keith was a farmer.  Shortly after their marriage during a time of prayer, Christ spoke to Keith in a very clear, undeniable way calling him into Christian education and ministry.  This call led them to pastor several churches in Ohio and Indiana (including Winchester Friends from 1976-1985) and to spend 9 years in Jamaica as missionaries under Friends United Meeting. Judy's ornament was a musical note signifying the blessing and joy music has played in her life.  Keith's ornament was a collection of medals from Purdue that his father was awarded signifying his desire to excel like his father in Christian living.


Sunday night over 150 people enjoyed the Winchester Friends and the Rural Friends choirs  performance of the Christmas Cantata "I Heard the Prophet Callin' "

21 members from the William Penn Class enjoyed their class Christmas lunch at Summer's Pointe at noon on Dec. 13, 2009.  Above is Delilah Wilkinsen, Class President and Murray and Bev Schemmer.  Bev Schemmer is the teacher for the class.


Tuesday evening the afternoon and the evening USFW groups combined for a Christmas meal at the Densmore's.  The meeting decided to distribute $1000 to the Food Pantry, $300 for meat for Community Christmas Baskets, $500 to the Gas Help Fund and to buy for 16 Angels for the Angel Tree Project.

Thank you to the William Penn Sunday School Class who hosted this year's Holiday Dinner on Dec. 6, 2009.  Around 95 people enjoyed the dinner of turkey, ham, dressing, potatoes, noodles and an abundance to great dishes by great cooks.

On Friday night, Dec. 4, the basement parlor was open during the Main Street Christmas walk.  The Quilt Club displayed quilts in the parlor and the USFW served baked apple dumplings in the dining area. Above Georgia Thorpe discussing quilts with one of her quilting friends.


Christmas Season = Bread Season

The first week of December found Ferguson's beginning the process of baking a loaf of whole grain bread for every household in the meeting.  Expect a visit soon!


On Sunday night, Nov. 29, 2009 - 40 adults and children gathered at the meetinghouse to tackle three projects:  set out used toys for Wednesday's "Toy Connection" give away to local residents who need help providing toys for children at Christmas; decorating the worship room for Christmas; and home visitation for those unable to be with us in worship on Sunday. 

All enjoyed the evening of fellowship, work and pizza!


The Winchester Area Ministerial Association held their annual Community Thanksgiving Service at the Nazarene Church in Winchester on Sunday night November 22, 2009.  For photos from the evening click here.....

On Tuesday night, Nov. 17, 2009 46 Friends gathered to make 1080 apple dumplings for orders taken during Mardi Gras.  The dumplings were made in the record time of one hour!  Many thanks to all who helped. 

Frozen apple dumplings are currently available at the church for $1.50 each.


The evening USFW ladies met on Nov. 10 to put decorate their tree and wreath donation to Randolph County's Time for Trees on Nov. 19, 2009.  The tree and wreath brought about $75 of the $2,000+ donation to the Winchester Food Pantry fund raising event.  Thanks to the USFW for their work!

Friendship Sunday

September 13, 2009 at the Farmland Conservation Club.  More photos here.......


Ron and Pam Ferguson (Winchester Friends) and Noell and Tom Krughoff (Little Blue River Friends) represented Indiana Yearly Meeting at the annual board meeting of the Friends Committee on National Legislation on Nov. 12-15, 2009 in Washington DC.  170 Friends from across the United States gather each year to set priorities and policy for the committee and their work in Washington DC on behalf of the historic Quaker testimonies on peace, equality, simplicity, and truth.

Below to the left: Neil Brown (far left), assistant in Senator Lugar's office  spoke about the work he does with nuclear nonproliferation.   

Ron Ferguson and Dave Miner (President of the Board of Bread for the World) at the Sept. 30, 2009 Bread meeting at Winchester Friends.  To see more photos and the letter for October, check out Bread....

Frances Patterson celebrated her 90th birthday on Sunday, August 23, 2009 with friends and family at Summer's Pointe.  Ron Ferguson helps Frances open one of her gifts during the celebration.


Summer Splash

Monday night Aug. 3, 2009 at the Goodrich Swimming Pool in Winchester.  This annual swim and hot dog roast is sponsored by the Christian Education Committee of the meeting.


Seated:  Val Pearson, Sherry Deal, Marcia Holliger and Jennifer Baldwin.


Nan Ash, Sydney Baldwin and Walter Mills

Logan Garza and Gavin Cox

After the evening of swimming, all Friends gathered in the park for hot dogs.

Lindsey Garza being kind to Gary Girton by wearing her Purdue tee shirt.

Walter Mills

was presented a certificate of Recognition by Indiana Yearly Meeting during Yearly Meeting sessions in 2009 for his many years of leadership at Winchester Friends and the wider body of Quakers in Indiana.  Presenting the certificate with a frame that was signed by the members of Winchester Friends is Marsha Kritsch, Clerk of Ministry and Oversight.  Walter was recognized at Monthly Meeting on August 2, 2009.


Indiana Yearly Meeting Sessions were held at Camp Quaker Haven in Northern Indiana July 23-26, 2009.  Austin and Letha Cox were Winchester Friends representatives.  Ron and Pam Ferguson and Keith and Judy Kendall also represented Winchester Friends during the sessions.


Presiding Clerk Greg Hinshaw and Recording Clerk Janis Sizelove.

Ron Ferguson, clerk of Peace and Christian Social Concerns showing this year's peace tee shirt for Junior Campers at Quaker Haven.  This is an annual peace gift to campers from the committee and Yearly Meeting.


On June 27, 2009, the Welcome Class had a party.  Click here for photos from the evening of fun and fellowship......

On June 24, 2009 several women from a local Sorority and several Friends women used the basement all day for sewing 37 baby quilts for Morgan's First Gift bags.  The gift bags are a gift to needy families who give birth at our local hospital.

On Sunday, June 14, 2009

the Evening USFW hosted the annual Father-Family Lunch

at the church.  The day celebrated gardens and gardeners

with a buffet of haystacks (or compost piles),

fruit trays, veggie trays, and dirt pudding. 


Many thanks to the Evening USFW for their work and for the 70 people who stayed to enjoy the meal and fellowship.


Linda Sipe helping some of the children with Dirt Pudding.

Stephanie Burton Edwards, Ray and Anna Lou Arnett browsing the fruit and veggie section.

Over 150 children gathered for the week of June 8-12, 2009 for a Community Vacation Bible School with 6 Winchester Churches participating in addition to 8 Winchester Friends helping and Winchester Friends kids attending.  To see additional photos, click here.

On Tuesday night, June 9, 2009 the

Afternoon USFW group and the Evening USFW group

met together for a meal at the local Mexican Restaurant

and then had a meeting out on the patio of the parsonage.

 A good time was had by all!


Friday night's surprise sighting on the golf course was a fawn who was left behind by its mother.

Rob Pearson's sand shot, Shane and Julie Hall, and Rob and Val Pearson talking to Ron at the end of a perfect evening of golf with Friends.

On Sunday May 31, 2009 Eric and Kerri Stetler shared their about their lives of chosen simplicity in Franklinton, Ohio. Eric spoke for worship and then Eric and Kerri held a discussion for several of the adult Sunday School Classes. After meeting for worship and the discussion, a simple lunch was shared for those who wanted to spend more time with Stetlers.

Cierra Edwards shared some of her sketches and oil pastel drawings for Celebration of the Arts on Sunday, May 31, 2009.  Check out what she shared here.

Marsha Kritsch and Mary Clark visiting in the swing.

Jeff Clark visiting with Gene Cover, Ron Ferguson and Ellen Craig.


Visitation evening Sunday May 24, 2009 ended up at Rob and Val Pearson's for a cookout. 

About 20 people enjoyed the evening of food and fellowship.

Indiana Yearly Meeting Peace and Christian Social Concerns Committee Meeting @ Muncie Memorial on Tuesday evening, May 19, 2009.  L to R: Welling Hall (Friends Committee on National Legislation/West Richmond, Peter Shawver, Bluff Point, Terry Coffie, New Castle, Olive Watson, Van Wert, Andrea Long, Jericho, Brian Lilly, Winchester and Ron Ferguson (back to camera) clerk from Winchester. 

Ron preparing for class at Monroe Central Elementary School the week of May 18-22, 2009.  Ron and Pam teach the sex education course Creating Positive Relationships to Randolph County 6th Graders during the school year.


On May 12th, over 90 women gathered for a picnic in the church basement and to hear the Driver Middle School Allegro Choir led by Mary Clark.  Many thanks to the Afternoon USFW group for hosting the evening!  For more photos, check out the Mother-Daughter 2009 page.

Ron and Walter Mills walking through Cherry Grove Cemetery south west of Lynn.  Cherry Grove Monthly Meeting was laid down in in 1964, but services were discontinued in 1949.  Elkanah and Irena Beard came from Cherry Grove Monthly Meeting in the 1850's.  Walter with his cousin, Cynthia Mae Johnson Polley (a relative of Elkanah and Irena Beard), looking at the bulletin cover about Winchester Friends and the Beards.

Responding and Coping -- Video Discussion May 3
The Missions & Social Concerns Committee gathered around 25 friends together at 6 PM on Sunday evening May 3 to view and discuss segments of the DVD Simply Enough featuring contemporary Christian authors Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne.  In addressing topics like lifestyle choices, food, cultural and family celebrations, possessions, money, advertising, and economic justice, both men offered practical suggestions and challenging spiritual insights for Christians' response to the current economic crisis and to the often-unexamined values that have led to it.   Snacks and drinks were provided as well as great discussions with all involved.


WINCHESTER QUARTERLY MEETING gathered at Rural Friends April 19, with the meeting for business at 6:30 PM, followed by a program regarding Indiana Yearly Meeting's financial situation at 7:30 PM.  The guest speaker was Kim Manwell, clerk of IYM's Stewardship & Finance Committee. 

Max Smith answers a question during Kim's presentation.  Max (from West River Friends) is the YM Treasurer.

Clerk, Debbie Thornburg and Recording Clerk, Claudia Thornburg to the left during the business meeting.

10 Monthly Meetings from Winchester Quarterly Meeting were present for the program and fellowship. Guest speaker, Kim Manwell, clerk of IYM's Stewardship & Finance Committee. 

Walter Mills and Julie Rudd (Earlam School of Religion student and Williamsburg Friends Intern) enjoying brownies together after Quarterly Meeting. Rural Monthly Meeting provided snacks after the meeting for the time of fellowship.

Norm Peters picking up one of the hundred Flowering American Plum Trees that were given today in honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day this week.  See the bulletin page for the complete list of trees.

Nickey Pelser, Ellen Craig, Natasha Pelser, Michelle Pelser and Ellene Kritsch at a baby shower for Michelle given by her mother, Nickey, on Sunday afternoon, April 19, 2009.

On Friday, April 17, 2009 Mary Bailey spent the afternoon visiting friends at the parsonage before her return to Michigan where she lives.  Above left is Mary with Winifred Thompson and Kate Jessup.  Above is Mary with Delilah Wilkinson, and left is Mary with Susie Turner, Shirley Ertel and Georgia Thorpe.

Lilies in the meetinghouse for Palm Sunday and Easter this year.  Thank you to the William Penn Sunday School Class for organizing this display and to Gary Girton of Lynnview Nursery for his help in procuring the lilies. (Lily list).
The Fabulous Friends Sunday School Class hosted the Spring Fling this past Sunday (April 5,2009).  Around 70 people enjoyed soup (Marsha Kritsch's chili soup, Millard Lea's famous vegetable soup, Bev Schemmer's broccoli soup, and Pam's Italian Wedding Soup), Virginia Densmore's bread, salad, relish and fruit plates from Jim Holliger and USFW apple dumplings.

A free-will offering was taken for the meal and over $350 was given to buy animals for Heifer International.  Thank you to all who helped host the meal, clean up after the meal and for those who donated so generously to Heifer International. 

Girls Day Out March 24, 2009

Virginia Densmore took Kendra, Chanler, Alison and Sydney to one of her salons in Ohio for Malibu treatments, pedicure and manicures and lunch out.


Around 20 people showed up to help with the March 21, 2009 Trustee Workday

The light bulbs were replaced in the sanctuary lights. Mike Densmore and John Edwards replaced the parking lot sign.


Virginia Densmore and Ellen Craig cleaned the windows and entrance to the basement. The front doors were fixed and the handicapped sign installed.

The original outside light was fixed.

Ellene Kritsch and Bettye Monks cleaned up after breakfast and then continued to clean the fridge and cupboards.

Parking lot and Compassion garden were cleared of leaves and sweet gum seeds. Leaves were removed from the front of the church and mulch replaced.

Virginia Densmore hosted the young women of the meeting to a sleepover at the church on Friday evening, Feb. 20, 2009.  A good time was had by all....... This photo was taken in the dark as they played "capture the flag"

Check out the photos from Feb. 4, 2009 road trip to Berne, Indiana to help can turkey thighs for relief distribution overseas.

Dec. 21 Christmas Sunday fellowship time with cinnamon rolls and coffee.  Check out Pam's entry called "An Economic Crisis?" on the Barclay Press blog.

Keith Kendall, Tim and Tanya Hart visit with Jill Ash.  Keith married Mike and Jill 20+ years ago.  Mike and Jill are here from San Diego visiting with Jill's parents. Karen Peters and Bill Sipe enjoying conversation over a cinnamon roll.  It was just a year ago at this time that Karen was in intensive care with a life threatening brain aneurysm. 

Walter Mills and Pam Ferguson.  Walter is known for his red jacket and Pam dressed to match him Sunday.


Shane Hall, Marc Edwards, and Jim Holliger gathered on Sunday during cinnamon rolls to talk about the sound system.


The combined 30 voice choir from Rural Friends and Winchester Friends gave a Christmas Cantata on Sunday night Dec. 14 with 100 people attending.  Holiday Desserts were served after the cantata. The William Penn Sunday School Class held their Christmas party at Summer's Pointe on Dec. 14 and honored their teacher, Dr. Beverly Schemmer.

Some of the members of the William Penn Class. Frances Patterson, Kate Jessup and Winnie Thompson at the William Penn Class party.


The meetinghouse was decorated to celebrate Christmas this past week.  Poinsettias are given in memory of loved ones.

The annual Holiday Dinner December 7, 2008


Norma Ludy, Florence Comer and Bettye Monks at the Holiday Dinner.

Mills, Turners and the Welcome Class at the Holiday Dinner. Jane Passmore, Paula Koneda, and Eric Passmore.

Thank you to the Welcome Class who hosted this year's Holiday Dinner.

Walter Mills and Betty Herold at her book signing for Final Chats with the Almighty.  Copies of the book are available at the meetinghouse for $12.00


The meetinghouse was open for this year's Main Street Christmas walk around the Square.  Here Betty Greenwalt shows some of her quilts that were displayed in the parlor during the 3 hour open house on Friday night, Dec. 5.

Check out photos from the Apple Dumpling Booth Oct. 1-4, 2008.

Left to right, Jenny Calderon, Kristen Marke, Deborah Lilly and Suzanne Weber around the table at the parsonage for Sunday Lunch Nov. 30, 2008.  The pie in the foreground is Jenny's and Kristen's pecan pie that they made for our Thanksgiving meal together.

Jenny Calderon (a nanny from Mexico working in the Chicago area) and Kristen Marke (a nanny from Australia working in the Chicago area and the daughter of friends of Ron and Pam) gave the children's lesson in meeting for worship on Sunday, Nov. 30, 2008.


Jenny and Kristen had a lesson from Luke on the prodigal son about making mistakes and being forgiven.

Rob Pearson installing an automatic light in the lift on Friday Nov. 28, 2008.

On Friday Nov. 28, 2008 Fred Boomer, Judy (a cousin of the Boomers), Dave and Mary Alice Moore stopped in at the church for a visit.  Jon Fisher was there working with Pam on Monthly Meeting Minutes and was coaxed into the photo. 

On Sunday, Nov. 23, Minister Charles H. Johnson from Lima, Ohio joined Winchester Friends for meeting for worship.  After meeting, Charles shared family photos from his grandmother who was involved in Monroe and Spencerville Friends Meetings.


Winchester Friends and Rural Friends Cantata practice for the annual Christmas Cantata on Dec. 14, 2008.

John and Ardith Coon on their 70th wedding anniversary on Oct. 28, 2008.  John and Ardith were married by Rev. Charles Hiatt (pastor of Winchester Friends when our meetinghouse was built in 1898).  John and Ardith became residents of Summer's Pointe a few years ago when John lost his eyesight.

Sunday, Oct. 12, Ferguson's were surprised with a reception after worship honoring their ten years at Winchester Friends.

Ron and Pam with the certificate made for them and signed by Winchester Friends.

Ron with Ertel's, Clarence Kritsch, Jim Holliger and Murray Schemmer.

Gene and Linda Cover from Texas were guests on Sunday.

Many thanks to the Christian Fellowship committee for the wonderful cider, cookies, and breads for the fellowship.

Other guests included Cleo McFarland's sister and family from Michigan.

Missions Rummage Sale September 27, 2008

Close to $1,200 was raised for Hurricane Relief for Quakers in Cuba.  Many thanks to all who helped for the busy week of preparing for the sale.  After the sale, a truck load of goods were donated to Muncie Mission.

Suzanne Weber stacks clothes. 

Jenny Hines and Enoch Hines display their finds as they packed up the remains from the sale. 

Kendra Holliger on Friendship Sunday, Sept. 14 at the Farmland Conservation Club.  To see photos and a summary of Jay Marshall's message, please check out Friendship Sunday 2008         Photo by Allison Baldwin

Missions Rummage Sale September 27, 2008.

Mark Edwards sorts through tables to make sure things are well displayed.  Mark celebrated his 40th birthday working all day at the sale......what a way to party!!




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