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In the use of Questions for Spiritual Growth, remember that only God is our true judge. Questions are best used for reflection and prayer, asking God to move us toward more tenderness and responsiveness and toward ways of becoming more loving to God, to ourselves, and to each other.

As Christians do you consistently practice principles of love and good will toward all Godís people, toward the earth and all creation?

Do you work actively for peace and justice by living in such a way that harmony results?

Do you endeavor to make clear to all whom you can influence, that war and the preparation for war is inconsistent with the spirit and teach of Jesus Christ?

How do you observe the testimony of Friends that leads toward creative, life-affirming ways of resolving conflict and away from violence and destruction?

Does your attitude toward people of other races and gender indicate your belief in their right to equal opportunity?

Do you believe in the spiritual capacity of all races and do you recognize their equality in the sight of God?

How do you fulfill your responsibility as a Christian to help in the elimination of racial, sexual, ethnic, religious and other forms of discrimination and prejudice?

Are you concerned that economic systems function to sustain and enrich all life?

Are you giving positive service to society in the promotion of peaceful and just methods of reconciliation in all cases of personal, social, and global conflict?

Do you use care in the materials you consume and the material you discard to maintain the integrity of Godís creation?

How do you intelligently exercise all your constitutional privileges and thus seek to promote Christian influence locally, national, and internationally?


Friends find their essential unity in the profound and exhilarating belief that Jesus Christ is our Risen Lord, present with us and able to teach his people himself. Obedience to the direct leading of God, through the Holy Spirit, is the obligation of faith.

As friends attempt to discern the will of God, they rely on the teaching of scripture and learn from Christ within as well as the continue experience of the faith community. Reading the Advices is intended to help us keep all aspects of our lives under Divine guidance by reminding us how God has led Friends up to now.

Integrity and Simplicity

Bring the whole of your daily life under the ordering of the Holy Spirit. Live and work in the plainness and simplicity of a true follower of Christ. Maintain integrity in work and deed; hold to the simplicity of truth; keep free of oaths.

Resist temptation to grow rich at the expense of others. When you have a choice of employment, choose that which gives the fullest opportunity for the use of your talents in service to God and other people. Be careful not to overextend your business endeavors or your personal finances. Avoid and discourage every kind of betting and gambling and commercial speculations of a gambling character.

Remember that God set humanity as care-takers of a creation which He declared to be good. Guard against waste and resist extravagant consumption which contributes to inequities and the impoverishment of life in our own and other societies.

Apparently harmless indulgence often leads by degrees to wrong-doing. In view of the evils and health hazards arising from the use of tobacco and intoxicating drinks and from the abuse of drugs, Friends are advised to refrain from using them, from offering them to others, and from having any share in their manufacture or sale. Do not let the claims of good fellowship or the fear of seeming peculiar influence your decisions.

Peace and Reconciliation

Every human being is precious in the eyes of God, and has been given a measure of Godís light (John 1:9). Seek to live in the virtue of that Life which takes away the occasion of war. Overcome evil with good.

Friends are advised to avoid activities and employment which involve taking human life. Take care not to nourish the seeds of war in your attitudes or in your possessions. Support Friends who suffer for the Truth that war is incompatible with the spirit of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

At every opportunity, be peacemakers in your homes, in your places of work, in your community and in the world. Seek justice, for injustice often breeds bitterness and war. Work for an order of society which will allow all men and women, regardless of race, to develop their capacities and foster their desire to serve.

Finally, dear Friends, follow steadfastly after all that is purer and lovely and of good report. Live adventurously in the power of the Spirit. Be prayerful and watchful, offering to ourselves and to others the love and grace which comes through Jesus Christ.

Approved 1994 by Indiana Yearly Meeting


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