In an effort to create some hands on involvement with the Best Trust, the Missions committee uses $1000 of Best Trust money to offer either $10 or $20 to willing participants (junior high age or older) who pledge to use it to make Christ's Kingdom known and visible in our community through the Shareholders in Shalom Project.

   Shalom is a Hebrew word meaning peace. As it does in English, it can refer to peace between two entities (especially between man and God or between two countries), or to true inner peace, calmness or safety of one individual.

Above, Virginia Densmore sets up a table for the local Farmer's Market where she and Pam Ferguson took donations for bread, cinnamon rolls and cookies.  Marsha Kritsch is looking on.

Val Pearson used Shareholder money to buy ingredients for caramel corn and offered it for a donation at the local Farmer's Market this summer.



   The participating Friend accepts $10 or $20 and agrees to invest it in raw materials or ingredients, then add his/her own skill, time, and sweat to produce something which can be sold (handicrafts, food, etc.) during the next several months.  For instance, someone could purchase lawn mower fuel, then mow lawns for profit; or buy cleaning supplies and then clean houses for hire; buy seeds and plant them, then sell produce for profit, etc.  Participants agree not to invest money in lottery tickets, raffles, or other games of chance.  Two or three Friends are welcome to pool their investment to work together on a common project if desired.


    After "growing" the investment for a few months, the participating Friend agrees to bring back to the church sometime after the first of the year the original $10 or $20 plus whatever gain has been made (or whatever is left, if there is a net loss), to be donated toward that year's project.   The participating Friend also agrees to report in writing to the church (using the form provided), how the money was invested, how much was gained or lost, and what God taught them through the project.  Verbal reports given during a meeting for worship will also be welcomed.

2006 Project-Over $1200

Money raised went to Alternatives to Violence training for pastors in Africa at the Friends Theological College

2007 Project-Over $2600

Money is currently being raised for peace and nonviolence training at Ramallah Friends School in Palestine and for children's board games in Lebanon to teach children how to identify small land mines left around their homes after the war with Israel last year.


Nickie, Natasha, and Michelle Pelser bought wrapping paper and wrapped Christmas presents for members of the meeting for donations to the Shareholders for Shalom fund.

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