"In the Name of Christ"...... together we CAN

Winchester Friends Meat Canning trip to Berne, Indiana Feb. 4, 2009

The MCC meat canner spent two days (Feb. 3-4, 2009) in Berne, Indiana at the Mennonite Church to can 13,400 pounds of turkey thigh meat.

Twelve Winchester Friends spent Feb. 4, 2009 in Berne helping with the project: Nita Burton, Ellen Craig, John, Joyce, and Mark Edwards, Gary Girton, Ron and Pam Ferguson, Rosalyn Landess, Bettye Monks, Murray Schemmer and Bill Sipe.

Gary Girton, Ron Ferguson and Murray Schemmer spent the morning cutting up turkey thighs into chunks. The chunks were then put through a course grinder in preparation for canning.

The meat canning project at Berne was organized by 2 Mennonite Churches and a Apostolic Church in the Berne area.  These churches raised enough money to can 40,000 pounds of turkey thighs purchased from Coopers in Ohio.  13,400 pounds were cut and canned there at the Mennonite Church and another 27,000 was canned commercially in Bluffton.  Last year 77,000 cans were shipped to Burundi (where Quakers have a mission), 73,000 cans to Nicaragua, 69,000 cans to the Ukraine, 30,000 cans to Haiti and 500,000 cans to 18 other countries.  Winchester Friends designated their Shareholder in Shalom profits to go to buy meat this year.

The Berne Mennonite Church fed all the volunteers during the day.  Here half of the group take time out for lunch. After the cans were processed (see photos from last year to see the canners) they needed to be scrubbed in soap and ammonia. The next photos are of  the line where the cans were washed, dried, and labels placed on each can.

Each can was marked with a painted expiration date and a lot number so the cans of meat can be tracked. Bill Sipe was given the task of cleaning the cutting room.......with 6 teenage FFA volunteers!  We think he learned a bit more than he would have at Hall Brothers!

Many thanks to Mark Edwards and Nita Burton for driving the crew to Berne, and thank you to each volunteer who took a day out of their normal lives to do something really good for our world.  We welcome more people to go with us to Berne next year........