This year's Community VBS was held June 11-15, 2007 at the United Methodist Church with an average attendance of 122 children and 45 helpers.  This VBS is a cooperative effort of the United Methodist Church, St. Joseph's Catholic Parish, Main Street Christian Church, Winchester Presbyterian Church and Winchester Friends Church. 

Every year for the past 7 years, Ellen Craig and Pam Ferguson spend the week with 6th graders.  Every day we tour one of the above churches and speak to each of the different pastors.  This is an opportunity for 6th graders to become acquainted with the buildings, denominations, and pastors here in Winchester.  The group returns to the Friends Church each day to make baskets.

Below are photos of the 6th graders during the week.

2007 Community Vacation Bible School 6th Grade

Monday's visit to St. Joseph's Catholic Parish with Father Mike McKinley.

Monday was the only day the 6th graders had time to check out the activities for the younger children.

Basket making at the Friends Church each day.

Tuesday at the Methodist Church with Rev. Dave Hummel.

Each day the group walked to one of the churches.

Wednesday with Rev. Bill Carr at the Presbyterian Church.

Looking at the stained glass windows from the outside of the church.

Working on baskets.

Progress at the end of Thursday's class.

Thursday at Main Street Christian with Youth Pastor Gary Coats.

Main Street Christian Church.

Rimming the baskets.

Group with Ellen Craig and Pam Ferguson.

Baskets before staining.

6th Grade class with Ron Ferguson at the Friends Church.