June 8-12, 2009 Winchester Community Vacation Bible School.

 Six Winchester churches joined together to participate in a prayer safari with over 150 children. 

Winchester Friends who helped teach or helped with snacks: 

Virginia Densmore, Bettye Monks, Delilah Wilkinson, Nita Burton, Rosalyn Landess, Susan Adair, Ellen Craig and Pam Ferguson.

Each morning the group gathered for singing and announcements.

Ron helping the children make a list of things to thank God for at the opening of Friday's day of classes. Nita Burton with the pre-kindergarten class she helped her sister teach this past week.

Pam Ferguson and Ellen Craig annually teach the 6th grade students basket making in addition to taking them on a tour of each of the participating churches. After touring the churches, the class spends time talking with the pastor and Pam and Ellen about the different traditions of each denomination.   Here the group of young women are pictured with Pastor Ken Rickett of Main Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
6th grade class pictured with Pastor Mark Need of the Methodist Church and Pastor Danny Hines of the Church of the Nazarene. 6th Grade class pictured with Father Mike McKinley of St. Joseph's Catholic Parish (photo below is Father Mike explaining the baptismal.)


6th grade class pictured with Ron Ferguson.  
Delilah Wilkinson, Virginia Densmore, Bettye Monks and Lois Gard from the Methodist Church were in charge of feeding almost 200 people each day for snacks. 6th grade class with Rev. Bill Carr of the Presbyterian Church and Ellen Craig from Winchester Friends.
On the last day, the 6th grade took a break from doing baskets to enjoy ice cream cones at the House of Flavors.