Walter Mills with Clerk of Ministry and Oversight, Marsha Kritsch.  Walter was presented this certificate by Indiana Yearly Meeting for his many years of leadership at Winchester Friends and Indiana Yearly Meeting.  The certificate was presented at Yearly Meeting Sessions in 2009.

Walter Mills with Austin Cox working on material for the Winchester Friends Church archives. Walter with Joann Anderson, daughter of Hap and Mary Anderson and cousin of Bud Bosworth.

Walter Mills with Pam Ferguson at Christmas 2008. Walter with his cousin Cynthia Mae Johnson Polley looking at a bulletin cover of relatives, Elkanah and Irena Johnson Beard.

Walter with Sarah Edmonds at Friendship Sunday. Walter with some members of the William Penn Sunday School Class.

Certificate of Recognition


Indiana Yearly Meeting Ministry and Oversight

July 23-26, 2009

at IYM Sessions at Quaker Haven.

Walter Edwin Mills

Winchester Friends Meeting

 Walter Edwin Mills was born to Winchester Friends members Chester and Mabel Mills on September 27, 1920.  Walter has been a member of Winchester Friends Church all of his life and currently serves on the Ministry and Oversight committee of the meeting.

 Walter spent his working career at Overmeyer Mould Company and retired from there in 1982.  Throughout his life he has participated fully in the ministry of Winchester Friends, Winchester Quarterly Meeting, and Indiana Yearly Meeting.  Walter has served as a Trustee for many terms, Clerk of the Monthly Meeting several terms, Ministry and Oversight many terms throughout his life.  In addition, Walter has served on the Christian Education Committee, the Missions and Social Concerns Committee, Statistical Secretary, Sunday School Secretary, Stewardship and Finance Committee, Quarterly Meeting Representative and Indiana Yearly Meeting Representative.  Walter was the clerk of Winchester Quarterly Meeting in the 1950ís-1960ís and as clerk visited every Monthly Meeting in the Quarter.  As clerk of the Quarterly Meeting he also served on the Permanent Board of Indiana Yearly Meeting.  Walter and his wife Pauline were active members in the William Penn Sunday School Class, and Walter shared teaching responsibilities for many years in the class.

Walter would not be pleased to know that his name has been submitted for this certificate of recognition from the Yearly Meeting Ministry and Oversight Committee.  He does everything possible to not draw attention to what he does for the Meeting, and yet his presence and ministry at Winchester Friends cannot go unnoticed.  For most of the years of his retirement, he made it a point to visit shut-ins, people in nursing homes, and friends from the William Penn Sunday School Class. Every month Walter gives the pastors a list of the people he visits on behalf of the Meeting.  He attends worship faithfully, attends the weekly Soup and Prayer suppers, and he is always at each Monthly Meeting.  His life of service and ministry to the people of Winchester Friends is remarkable and remains vital even now as he approaches his 90th year of life.  He truly is a cornerstone of Winchester Friends Meeting.