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Friendship Sunday Sept.14,2008

Inside the chapel, looking back at the CE window.


"In the gathered meeting the sense is present that a new Life and Power has entered our midst.....We are in communication with one another because we are being communicated to, and through, by the Divine Presence...."  Thomas R. Kelly 1940

Each Sunday morning worship at Winchester Friends begins at 9:15 AM with a welcome, announcements, and a call to worship led by a member of the meeting.  Hymns, contemporary songs and special music are a part of the gathered time.

As a Meeting of the Society of Friends, we are convinced that our central focus in worship is to listen to God, who is speaking within and among us.  Friends have historically allowed time in their worship services for silencing human activity in order to lovingly and carefully listen to God.  At Winchester Friends, we often use 8 - 10 minutes of the meeting for worship for such a period of silence.  We encourage worshippers to obey what God communicates to them during that listening, including speaking out of the  silence if they clearly sense God asking them to convey a brief reflection on truth that will be helpful to the group.   

Offering:   In most of our meetings for worship, ushers will at some point pass offering plates around the sanctuary to  receive Friends' gifts and offerings for the support of the church's ministries.  The  plates are not passed in order to make anyone feel obligated to contribute, or  guilty if they do not.  Rather, as a church,  we have agreed together that God is asking us to provide pastoral and administrative staff salaries, maintain the building and pay for utilities, provide educational materials, support overseas and local missions, and carry out many other ministries -- and  taking a weekly offering is just the way Friends choose to regularly remember that we have committed ourselves to meet the expenses of those ministries we agree God wants us to do.   

 Junior Church:    After congregational singing, special music, and prayer, children up  through the 5th Grade are dismissed from the sanctuary to participate in their own Junior Church service in their chapel in the annex (ground floor).  It is led by adult Friends and includes games, music, and Bible lessons.   PLEASE NOTE: On the final Sunday of each  month, the children stay in the sanctuary for the whole service and are asked to gather at the front of the room for a brief children's message.    

Nursery: There are adults staffing the nursery every Sunday who will be glad to care for your children age 0-3 during the meeting for worship.  The nursery is located downstairs at the west end of the annex.  If you need assistance in locating it, please don't hesitate to ask an usher.

Worship ends sometime after 10:20 AM

 At 10:30 AM, the following Sunday School classes meet for approximately 45 minutes, and they welcome  you to join them:   

  • Nursery                              Ages 0 - 3                                      Annex downstairs

  • Beginner                           Ages 3 - Kgarten                          Annex downstairs

  • Primary                             Grades 1-2                                     Annex downstairs

  • Junior                                Grades 3-5                                     Annex downstairs

  • Junior High                                                                                Annex downstairs

  • Senior High                                                                               Balcony

  • College/Early Career                                                               Parsonage

  • Fabulous Friends                   Adults                                       Parlor downstairs

  • Welcome                                 Adults                                       Annex upstairs

  • William Penn                           Adults                                       Annex upstairs 


There are restrooms in the annex, both on the ground floor and downstairs.  The annex is reached through the double doors at the west side of the parlor. 

 Questions ? 

If you need assistance with anything, feel free to email the church office or ask any usher or greeter on Sunday morning. 

 Church Library

The library is located in the southeast corner of the building just off the sanctuary.  Books can be checked out by signing the check-out sheet.  We request that you try to  return books within one month.


Located at the corner of East Washington and North East streets in Winchester, Indiana, we are very easy to locate. However, if you should need detailed directions, please e-mail or call the church office. Please click on the thumbnail below to enlarge the map.

Map to Winchester Friends church.



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